TeleDart Tranquilizer Dart Pistol RD406

The TeleDart RD406 is one of the most advanced CO2 dart gun pistols available internationally.The RD406 compares in comfort and function to high performance dart rifles achieving distances of up to 40 metres with high accuracy (3cc dart).

Product features include:
  • 11mm,13mm,16mm dart capacity                                      
  • safe and silent functioning user-friendly components
  • ease of handling corrosion resistant materials with high quality coating
  • hardwood pistol grip
  • integrated pistol casing to protect pistol parts
  • backsight and foresight for aiming with prismatic rail for additional aiming devices (telescopic or red dot)
Additional features include:
  • direct breach loading,
  • infinitely adjustable power supply,
  • an easily readable pressure guage whilst aiming and a trigger with safety catch.
  • 20 year guarantee on the function of the dart gun pistol.
Sold with attractive durable nylon carry-bag with pockets for storage of darts, needles, barrels and accessories.                                                   Technical Data:
  •   Weight with barrel  2.2kg 
  • Total Length with barrel  86cm (with long barrel 80cm).
  • Barrel / Caliber  Optional 11,13,16mm.
  • Barrel lenghts 80cm & 40cm Range  50m maximum.
  • Effective 40m depending on volume of dart 
Volume of Darts:
  •  1,2,3,5cc 11mm Darts
  • 5,10,15,20cc 13mm Darts
  • 1,2,3,5,10,15,20cc 16mm
Darts Pressure Regulation  Adjustable  Power Supply  CO2 Cartridges 16g & 45g Compressed Air Cylinder Air Pump  Trigger  Trigger Point with Safety  Kinetic Energy  >7.5 Joule
Red dot and telescopic sights for the RD406 Compressed Air Cylinder System
The RD406 can be fitted with the TeleDart Compresed Air Cylinder System instead of CO2 cartridges.
Advantages include: consistent shooting without icing shooting performance remains consistent in icy conditions high filling pressure 200 bar - 5 shots at maximum distance reusable and can be filled at diving shops or with your own air pressure bottle with a compressor/airpump cylinder can be removed at any time whilst maintaining pressure inside the cylinder      


Picture of the RD 406